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FBI: Man Threatened to Attack CNN

Written by SK Ashby

No, it wasn't Donald Trump, but it was a man who was certainly inspired by him.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested a Michigan man who called CNN and told the "fake news" network that was going to gun them all down.

It began with claims of "fake news" and ended with threats of violence.

Griesemer told a CNN operator, among other things, "Fake news. I'm coming to gun you all down."

He then called again, saying "I'm smarter than you. More powerful than you. I have more guns than you. More manpower. Your cast is about to get gunned down in a matter of hours."

Griesemer continued, "I am coming to Georgia right now to go to the CNN headquarters to f---ing gun every single last one of you."

I don't think anyone should equivocate. This is clearly Trump's doing. He's filling the heads of his supporters with murder fantasies; fantasies about murdering critical journalists.

Most people are not going to plot or threaten to attack a news network just because Trump tweeted a thing, but it only takes one person to create a tragedy. And the next threat may not be phoned in ahead of time.

I'm not going to say they're equally culpable, but I don't expect the White House Press Corps or Association will spend more than a few seconds on this story if they do at all. And when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders serves them a plate of bullshit, most of them will ask her to pass the salt.