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Feds: Vaping Congressman Used Campaign Funds For Affairs

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

When Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and his wife were originally charged with 60 counts of fraud related to their use of campaign funds for personal expenses, the charging documents made it apparent that Hunter had been using the money to pursue multiple affairs with women, among other things, but federal prosecutors did not explicitly make that case at the time.

Prosecutors have apparently changed their mind and their latest filing made it clear that they intend to show that Hunter was using campaign funds for affairs.

From Politico:

“At trial, the United States will seek to admit evidence of defendant Duncan D. Hunter’s expenditure of campaign funds to pay for a host of personal expenses. Among these personal expenses were funds Hunter spent to pursue a series of intimate personal relationships,” the Justice Department said in a motion to admit evidence filed on Tuesday.

“This evidence is necessary to establish the personal nature of the expenditures to demonstrate Hunter’s knowledge and intent to break the law, and to establish his motive to embezzle from his campaign.”

The latest filing details affairs with at least five women that Rep. Duncan Hunter paid for, at least in part, using campaign funds. The list of women he allegedly he used the funds on include several lobbyists, a member of his own staff, and another congressional GOP staffer.

Now, why are prosecutors only just now revealing this? And why did Hunter's wife recently flip and agree to plead guilty?

Prosecutors say they approached Hunter's defense and offered to keep the details of his affairs out of the record in exchange for something, perhaps even a guilty plea, but Hunter declined.

We can only speculate at the moment, but it's possible that Hunter's wife, Margaret Hunter, disagreed with his refusal to cooperate and it could have even been the first time she was confronted with evidence that her husband was involved in multiple affairs.

Duncan Hunter is so dirty I doubt even Trump would pardon him.

Hunter's official website for "family values" still exists.

  • sawadee2000

    Add Hunter to my list of most punchable faces, along with Matt Gaetz, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson

  • Wookie Monster

    This is the guy who got his congressional seat as a graduation present. His entire life has been a case study in unearned privilege. I doubt the idea of not grifting his way through anything has ever occurred to him.

  • muselet

    I hope Duncan Hunter decides to fight these charges in court. His screeches of outrage will be hilarious to behold.

    Hunter’s official website for “family values” still exists.

    I know I’ve used this joke before—and apologies in advance to those sensitive to strong language—but it’s amazing Hunter can buy trousers that fit because of the sheer size of his balls.