The Economy

Fierce Urgency. Now.

by Lee Stranahan

Riffing on Krugman's concern, my biggest worry is big business selling us all out - laying off people they don't have to and not trying to ride out the crisis a little bit. I think that companies have been acting without any moral compass for the whole Bush administration. You could see this with the automakers - they initially show up in private planes with no plan at all. Dumb, right?

Well, if you feed your kid candy all day don't be shocked if they don't want broccoli all of a sudden. What we saw is how the automakers think after the eight years of Bush treatment. But I must say that once they saw they had to change, they quickly came back with an actual plan. Not perfect but it shows that a little bit of bully pulpit can have an effect.

What I'm not worried about is the Obama administration. As this New York Times article shows, Obama is staffing and vetting incredibly quickly. Congress is in a position right now to flex its muscles to American business - I wish they would focus on that, not critiques of Obama.