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Fighting a Nonexistent Obama in the Post-Reality Era

My Tuesday column tackles the most popular activity in American politics: attacking an Obama that simply doesn't exist.

I hate to beat this to death, but the more I think about Clint Eastwood's convention performance art, the more I'm convinced he's a satirical genius. The idea of attacking a a nonexistent (or invisible) Barack Obama is perhaps one of the most popular activities in American politics, and Eastwood might have accidentally stumbled onto this previously nameless past-time. It's everywhere -- and not just the purview of doddering old men.

Yesterday, I engaged in a very brief Twitter exchange with John Heilemann, cohort to Mark Halperin and co-author of Game Change. I noticed an article in which Heilemann asserted that President Obama not only "hates" (my word) people but he also "hates" (also my word) politics. I blurted something about it on, and Heilemann responded via Twitter. Continued here.