President-elect Barack Obama

Fighting Back

I don't want to debate Rick Warren, so don't bother commenting about him. This isn't about him. This post is simply a brief word on fighting versus capitulation.

You might've noticed that I don't intend to broadly accept the views of certain characters on the far-right (or whatever-right) simply because the president-elect elevates or endorses such a character. And I can't bring myself to make any blanket guarantees with regards to "disagreeing without being disagreeable." Sometimes I'm disagreeable. More after the jump...

As we move forward, some voices on the far-right deserve to be heard and debunked when necessary, while others deserve to be blasted with all of the furious anger we can crank out. Likewise, some of the president-elect's more controversial decisions deserve the benefit of the doubt, other's deserve respectful dissent.Knowing how the behavior and tendencies of the far-right and establishment press, the Obama administration and the liberal/progressive movement will be crushed if we don't stand up for what we believe in. Yes, that includes playing offense.I seriously don't believe that the president-elect is expecting that you and I recuse ourselves from the good fights -- that we don't stand up for the important causes and issues with audible strength. In other words, it's okay to fight back.As I've written before, "disagreeing without being disagreeable" includes the word "disagree" and nothing in that phrase mandates acquiescence or capitulation.