First Again

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Joel Pett)

In other news, over 60 police chiefs have signed a letter of opposition to Trump's mass deportation plan.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Human Rights Council has released a report on the Russia and Syrian campaign to retake Aleppo. It's not pretty.

Warplanes targeted hospitals, bakeries and schools in a non-stop bombing campaign that lasted for months, beginning in September 2016. ”Approximately 300 people—including 96 children—were killed in the first four days of the offensive alone,” the report states.

Daily airstrikes “exclusively employing, as far as the Commission could determine, unguided air-delivered munitions. These included aerial bombs, air-to-surface rockets, cluster munitions, incendiary bombs and improvised air-delivered munitions (barrel bombs), and weapons delivering toxic industrial chemicals, including chlorine.”

Finally, a Republican lawmaker in Iowa apparently got his "degree" from a Sizzler.

State Sen. Mark Chelgren's alleged alma mater is actually a company that operated a Sizzler steak house franchise in southern California and he doesn't have a "degree," Ed Failor, a spokesman for the Iowa State Republicans, told NBC News.

"This was a management course he took when he worked for Sizzler, kind of like Hamburger University at McDonald's," Failor said. "He got a certificate."