Foaming at the Mouth

Dr. Douglas Brinkley, a historian at Rice University, testified before the House Natural Resources Committee today on the dangers of drilling for oil and gas in the National Wildlife Refuge located in the Arctic region of Alaska.

Following Dr. Brinkley's testimony, Representative Don Young (R-AK) completely lost his shit after being corrected by the good doctor for getting his name wrong. What came next was an epic display of unfiltered rage and cranky poo-flinging. The video must be seen to be believed.

I've seen few displays that express as much contempt for fact and reason as Rep. Don Young's shit-hemorrhage during this committee hearing.

Apparently only "elitists" visit the Wildlife Refuge, and its "really nothing" other than desolate, undeveloped landscape that must be developed immediately.

Young's assertion that the land was set aside for drilling is utterly nonsensical. The refuge was established under President Eisenhower and later expanded by congress in 1980. The expansion also included a mandate to study the natural resources of the area, but not explicitly to drill it.

Drilling the refuge would have virtually no impact on domestic energy prices.