For Sale

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Matt Davies)

In other news, Trump's second batshit nominee for the Federal Reserve Board, Stephen Moore, has withdrawn from consideration. And, you know, his thoughts on women were horrific, but the bigger problem is that he's an economically-illiterate crackpot.

Meanwhile, House Democrats have passed a bill that would require Trump to remain in the Paris climate accord, but Mitch McConnell obviously won't allow a vote on this in the Senate.

Finally, the Trump regime has reportedly tried to eliminate mentions of climate change at the Arctic Council even though the climate of the Arctic region is changing quicker than anywhere else in the world.

The Arctic Council declaration is an affirmation of goals and principles among the eight Arctic nations, which meet every two years. The Trump administration’s position, at least initially, threatened a standoff, in which the United States would not sign off on a statement that included climate discussion and other members would not agree to a version that left it out, according to senior diplomats and others familiar with the discussions.

The administration objected to language that, while nonbinding, could be read as a collective commitment to address the effects of climate change in the Arctic, diplomats said. One official familiar with the preparations for this year’s meeting said that at meetings last month, the United States “indicated its resistance to any mention of climate change whatsoever.”