Child President

Foreign Officials Urged to Treat Trump Like a Toddler

Written by SK Ashby

Among other things, foreign officials have been encouraged to praise Trump's electoral college win and compare him favorably to President Obama during his first overseas trip.

Foreign hosts are also preparing a special meal just for him.

Trump's hosts on his upcoming trip are well-aware of his aversion to travel and are trying to make accommodations to keep him happy.

In Saudi Arabia, people with knowledge of the planning for Trump's trip say the caterers are planning to offer the president steak and ketchup alongside the lamb and hefty portions of rice on the menu. All the meat will have been butchered in a Shariah-compliant halal manner as per Islamic custom.

Imagine being offered some of the finest cuisine in the entire world only to turn it down in favor of well-done steak and Heinz.

My 8-year-old niece has a more sophisticated palate than Trump, but I suppose the buried lede is that Trump will be eating Shariah-compliant meat. Gasp!

Trump's staff have also reportedly scheduled a regular amount of "downtime" on each leg of his trip. You know, for taking naps and watching TV.