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Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Jimmy Margulies)

In other news, Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has been elected as the next House Republican Minority Leader. Rep. Jim Jordan came in a distant second place.

This is good news for Democrats, because Kevin McCarthy is an idiot.

Meanwhile, consumer inflation rose to 2.5 percent in October, the biggest increase since January of this year. The increase was driven by the rising cost of rent, oil, health care, and imports.

Finally, lawyers challenging Trump's order to end temporary protected status for certain immigrants have issued subpoenas for unaired footage of Trump's "Apprentice" reality show because they believe it will prove he's a racist who issued the order with racist intent.

Lawyers for Civil Rights, which sued Trump in February, has issued subpoenas to MGM Holdings Inc. and Trump Productions LLC demanding any footage shot during the production of the show in which Trump "uses racial and/or ethnic slurs" or "makes remarks concerning race, nationality and/or ethnic background." [...]

The case filed in Boston's federal court centers on the Trump administration's decision to end temporary protected status for thousands of immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and Honduras. Temporary protected status provides safe havens for people from countries experiencing armed conflicts, natural disasters and other challenges.