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Fox News and the House GOP Look to Bush/Cheney for Advice on Iraq

It turns out the Republicans do in fact remember things that happened before January 20, 2014. Too bad they only remember all the wrong things.

Yesterday morning, the talking monkeys on Fox & Friends suggested that President Obama seek advice from George W. Bush on how best to handle the situation in Iraq. I’m reasonably certain they weren’t joking.

ANNA KOOIMAN: Just talking to President Bush though, how much would that help being that he fought two wars, one of them in Iraq on the very same soil, and pretty much everything that President Bush has said about not leaving a strong enough residual force, and, and, the warnings about what could happen come true.

BRIAN KILMEADE: Well listen to this, Nixon was used by every president after he was left office. Think about how often — I remember JFK said he went out of his way — he didn’t tell me this, but if you read the biographies, he went out of his way to call Eisenhower on almost every major international decision out of respect and out of interest to see what a 40-something-year-old would ask a, a general who was president for years. It’s a tradition which seems to have stopped here.

STEVE DOOCY: Well, you, you listen to some people and they say, uh, this president doesn’t need anybody else’s opinion because he believes that he is correct. On all matters. [...] He should call all of the ex-presidents.

Where to begin?

First of all, Bush never said we should leave a residual force in Iraq. In fact, as some of us already know, President Bush signed the Status of Forces Agreement that required all troops to leave Iraq. Duh. It’s difficult to remember probably because during the press conference announcing it, an overzealous thug hurled his shoes at Bush’s head, and that became the story.


(ht Attorney Terry Eaton)