President Obama

Reacting to Sullivan's Newsweek Cover Story

Megyn Kelly and Fox News are seriously bent out of shape by Andrew Sullivan's cover story in Newsweek.

And this Breitbart counterpoint is fantastic example of right-wing epistemic closure and the apocalyptic fantasies circulating within it.

Regarding the general defense of the president, I'd like to add that it's not a bad thing that some of us know how to mix applause into our discourse instead of exclusively jeering and snarking -- especially because there are significant things to applaud.

Eventually all of the rancor and screeching becomes white noise and if we never express satisfaction, why should anyone endeavor to please our agenda? A fantastic example of a measured cheer/jeer posture is Rachel Maddow. She can be both critical of the president and applaud him when something positive happens. I don't think anyone would paint her as an apologist or an enabler.

And finally, this clip of Chris Matthews and Sullivan is particularly good. Note the big ticket accomplishments at around 3:24 and the hilarious exchange at around 7:12.