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Fox News Gets It Wrong “All The Time”

Fox & Friends hosts responded to Scientific American editor Michael Moyer this morning and while their response was predictable, I’m impressed Steve Doocy was able to say this with a straight face.

“Clearly he has a problem with Fox,” Doocy said. “So why did he come on? Clearly, it was just to promote himself, and maybe his magazine as well. But, you know, hashtag classy. We put him on, we have a nice conversation and then he stabs us in the back.”

“The bone that he had to pick with Fox, he said, was that he wanted to come on here and talk all about climate change,” Kooiman added. “Well, our producers decide what we air.”

“We talk about climate change all the time,” Doocy interjected.

Hashtag AllTheTime!


Not only did Fox News cover climate change less than half as often as MSNBC did in 2013, they also featured the least accurate coverage.

The majority of time Fox News devoted to climate change in 2013 was to misinform or claim conspiracy.


Of course one can hardly expect them to get it right when they tell people who may actually know something about it that they can’t talk about it.