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Fox News Host: Clean Water is a Democratic Scheme for Black Votes

As you know, the Snyder administration of Michigan poisoned an entire city of people in the name of austerity which should give pause to any nominally-human being, but Fox News host Heather Nauert believes there's something else at play.

via Media Matters

HEATHER NAUERT (HOST): Class action lawsuit set to be filed against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and other leaders in that state, as frustration over a water crisis in Flint, Michigan intensifies today. National Guard troops called in to help deliver clean water after Flint's water supply was contaminated with very dangerous lead, as any parent would know about that because that's one of the top things that doctors look for in young children. So let's bring in Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett. Gregg, as an example of how political this is now getting, the mayor of Flint, Michigan at the White House at this hour, meeting with Valerie Jarrett. The White House is going to be naming a czar. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders weighing in in the Democratic debate coming down on Republicans about this.

GREGG JARRETT: Because it raises issue of class and race. Sixty percent of the residents of Flint, Michigan are black. Forty-one percent live below the poverty line. They're going to the White House because they want a federal emergency disaster declaration to get federal funds but they're likely not going to get it.

NAUERT: Well this is a way they could potentially get more black votes in the coming election.


I suppose it is natural that people would want to vote for a leader who promises not to give their children brain damage, but that clearly isn't what Heather Nauert was implying.

Representative government has completely broken down in Michigan under Governor Snyder's emergency management law where citizens pay their taxes and, in return, they're poisoned. Some people would consider that to be a problem. Others see a call for "free stuff."

Heather Nauert may or may not have been an extra on the set of They Live.