Fox News Host: Sharing Racist Emails at Work is Normal

Hasn't everyone circulated racist emails at their place of employment at one point or another?


Fox News Host Megyn Kelly seems to think that circulating racist emails at work is a regular occurrence.

As you might expect, Fox News has been downplaying the results of the Justice Department's Pattern of Practice investigation of the Ferguson Police Department, and Kelly and her guests agree that circulating emails in which the president is depicted as a monkey are totally normal.

via Media Matters

During the March 9 edition of her Fox News show, Kelly hosted Stephens who downplayed the DOJ's report as merely a report about traffic citations, "not a story of institutional racism." Kelly agreed, saying it is unfair to "tar the entire organization" as racist because "there are very few companies in America, whether they are public or private" where "you won't find any racist e-mails, [or] any inappropriate comments."

To be fair, I have no doubt that this would be considered normal behavior in the offices of Fox News, but I'm not convinced that this would be normal for a majority of organizations and businesses.

Even if that were the case, it's immaterial. The existence of racist banter at public or private businesses does not make it okay. Furthermore, private businesses are not relied upon as neutral arbiters of justice.

The circulation of racist emails at Fox News is not comparable to racist emails or comments shared at a police department. Fox News hosts are not responsible for applying the law equally to all citizens.