Fox News Hosts Make Stuff Up About Guns

Here's Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bolling and a cast of several Fox News Channel people making stuff up about gun laws.

Notice how Gutfeld doesn't cite a single verifiable fact beyond what he personally has observed, along with ambiguous, nameless "research" that could have come from anywhere -- including his own ass. Here's some actual research. A quick glance at the Gallup poll shows that Americans feel less safe in public places where guns are present, specifically courtrooms and schools, and, as I've mentioned before, only 12 percent of Americans want gun laws to be less strict.

Later, Bolling employs a remedial level gun debate tactic by reciting the Second Amendment, which, by the way, includes the word "regulated" in the phrase "well regulated Militia," both of which he reads out loud to the panel. These gun people have to come up with a better argument because they can't keep ignoring the militia and well regulated parts of that amendment.

And, yes, they want to be able to carry guns in church. You know, because of all the muggings there.

(This post is written as part of the Media Matters Gun Facts fellowship. The purpose of the fellowship is to further Media Matters' mission to comprehensively monitor, analyze, and correct conservative misinformation in the U.S. media. Some of the worst misinformation occurs around the issue of guns, gun violence, and extremism, the fellowship program is designed to fight this misinformation with facts.)