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Fox News Just Can’t Quit Homophobia

Sometimes all you need is a picture to tell a story.

(via Media Matters)


Why is Michael Sam being praised while Tim Tebow becomes a Christian martyr? Let’s not ask Donald Trump.

Tim Tebow was laughed out of the league because he was terrible at football, not because he wore his Christian faith on his sleeve. Michael Sam was the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Defensive Player of the Year. The SEC is typically regarded as the toughest conference in college football, but even if you disagree with that it’s still not easy to become the Defensive Player of the Year of the SEC.

Michael Sam, despite his resume, came close to being the last pick (249th overall pick out of 256) of the entire 2014 NFL draft. Why? It’s obvious he was almost drafted last because he’s openly gay. Only one previous winner of the SEC Defensive Player of the Year award was drafted later than the second round of the draft. Michael Sam was drafted in the seventh round.

Fox News and the Right just can’t quit homophobia and apparently neither can a lot of NFL locker rooms. And to be clear, Fox News is hardly alone in their Christian persecution complex.

If you really believe Tim Tebow was mocked out of the league because of his faith, explain why every player ever immediately thanks God when they’re interviewed after a big win.