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Fox Touts Strong Voter Turnout In Colorado Recall

Modern Day Colorado.

Modern Day Colorado.

Gun nuts in Colorado are currently on the march, heading to the polls to try to recall two state senators who had the audacity to vote for expanded background checks and limited clip capacity.

In what is Colorado’s first legislative recall, State Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron will face the maniacal wrath of the Fox News mob that has been forming lines since early voting precincts opened up on Friday. Sort of like a stairway to collective dementia. Next stop: Tuesday!

It’s worth pointing out that since the mass-shooting in Aurora, Colorado, state representatives who openly debated and voted in favor of sane gun control policies have been bombarded by right wing nut jobs who’ve been sending in vividly morbid death threats and threats of rape and torture.

Because nothing says “Freedom and Liberty!” like murder, torture, and rape.

When you don’t show up, they win.