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Fox Network Refuses to Air Obama Speech

Boehlert confirms:

Fox TV makes it official: It's refusing to air president Obama's address to a joint-session of Congress next week. Since Murdoch's media outlet has effectively transformed itself into the Opposition Party of the Obama White House, this move fits into their political attack machine.

You know why I'm not a politician? Because if I were in the White House, I would make it my mission to strip Fox affiliates of their FCC licenses for repeatedly refusing to air public service programming. When the wingnuts would invariably call me a fascist and tea baggers would throw all varieties of beverages at me, I would laugh in their faces. Big, hearty DeNiro laughing. "Shut your hole and go watch House. Oh wait. You can't! Hahahaha!"

That's why I'm not a politician.

(Corrected: "America's Got Talent" is on NBC.)