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Artist – Randall Enos

I find this to be particularly appalling.

Goodwill stores in Pennsylvania are employing some disabled workers at rates of 22, 38, and 41 cents per hour, according to NBC News. These workers are being exploited via the federal law called the Special Wage Certificate Program, which permits nonprofits and companies to obtain a certificate that allows them to hire disabled workers “based on their abilities” at whatever wage they find appropriate, with no minimum.

I wouldn’t take back the significant donation I made to Goodwill when I moved from Kentucky to Ohio, but this certainly makes me feel disgusted as Goodwill CEOs take home $30 million across the U.S.

Meanwhile, Gawker Media is reportedly being sued for not paying some of their interns at all.

And as per usual — Ta-Nehisi Coates is absolutely brilliant on the subject of Paula Deen and “accidental racism.”