Bush Legacy Project

Fred Barnes Is Insane

Freddie the Beetle Barnes constructed a list of President Bush's top ten greatest achievements (summarized/paraphrased here):

10. Ignoring the climate crisis and Kyoto.

9. Torture! (Seriously!)

8. Eavesdropping and generally deceiving the public

7. Supporting Israel (Barnes writes: "Bush was right.")

6. No Child Left Behind! (Seriously!)

5. Supporting democracy (How about that. Never before has any American achieved this!)

4. Medicare Prescription Drug benefit (see also "the donut hole" among other things)

3. Sam Alito and John Roberts

2. East Asia relationships (He didn't barf on anyone.)

1. The surge!

Yep. Even if we were to concede that the surge worked, rather than the Anbar Awakening creating a false sense of surge efficacy, the president's greatest achievement was his decision to attempt to repair years of his own phenomenally awful and destructive blunders.