Friday Night Fights

American Prospect's Tim Fernholz versus Matt Taibbi.

Benen summarizes:

Matt Taibbi trashes President Obama and his economic team. Tim Fernholz describes Taibbi's piece as "a factual mess," "a conspiracy theorist's dream," "pernicious for a lot of journalistic reasons," and sidestepping actual administration policy failures. "It's almost as if he cherry-picked what he thought would fit with his narrative," Fernholz adds.

In Fernholz's corner, there's Oliver Willis who says Taibbi is "beclowning" himself. In Taibbi's corner is Glenn Greenwald who says Taibbi's item is "masterful."


Adding... I'm staying out of this one. Suffice to say, I don't think the president has deliberately "sold out" anyone. Have at it.