Game Changer

Barack Obama's speech today was such a game changer that he changed the game into something that isn't even a game. If you've been watching John Adams on HBO, you know the people who founded this country didn't see it as a game. And the men and women who have fought to continue to realize the initial dream of this nation in our daily lives haven't viewed it as a game. But the people that hijacked our political process on both sides of the aisle at least 20 years ago do view this as a game.

It's not.

It's lives. It's livelihoods. It's the future.

And Obama made that plain today.

Senator Clinton would like us to believe she hasn't read or seen the speech yet, though she is "glad" he gave it. Perhaps. Perhaps Senator Clinton will have a chance to watch the speech and heed his words as she moves forward, whether she maintains her campaign or whether she realizes that she's beaten. I truly hope Senator Clinton can hear the speech with her heart, and whatever her role in America starting tomorrow and moving forward, can act with these principles foremost in her mind.

Meanwhile, we have a president to elect, and his name is Barack Obama.