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German Attorney General: Snowden Document on Merkel’s Bugged Phone is Fake


Germany’s top prosecutor began an investigation after documents released by international man of mystery Edward Snowden showed that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone was bugged by the NSA.

Attorney General Harald Range now says the document released by Snowden isn’t real.

via Reuters

Harald Range launched an official investigation in June, believing there was enough preliminary evidence to show unknown U.S. intelligence officers had tapped the phone, although there was not enough clarity on the issue to bring charges.

On Wednesday he said however, “the document presented in public as proof of an actual tapping of the mobile phone is not an authentic surveillance order by the NSA. It does not come from the NSA database.”

The first question that came to my mind was if the document isn’t real, where did it come from?

The next question that came to mind was if this document isn’t real, how many other documents released by Snowden are not real?

I’ll be fair and say finding no proof that the NSA spied on Merkel’s phone doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t happen, but if some of the documents released by Snowden aren’t real it raises a lot of questions.

How many members of the media and blosophere have been hoodwinked by fake documents?