Get Off Ron Paul’s Lawn

If perpetuating the appearance of Dick Miller playing the role of Murray Futterman in Gremlins was the goal of the Ron Paul campaign, they made plenty of headway this weekend.

MANCHESTER, NH -- For the second time since Saturday, Ron Paul this morning planned to have breakfast at a local restaurant -- but the establishment was packed with camera crews, photogs and reporters. Paul made his way around the Moe Joe's restaurant, where they had a table reserved, but his campaign decided to leave.

"I'm overwhelmed," Paul said outside his vehicle. It's "a little but chaotic" he continued.

"I'm a little more calm."

Asked about the possibility of skipping the Florida primary, Paul explained: If "this keeps up I may need to reconsider."

And he would win the primary if it weren't for those damn kids!

During an interview with CNN today, Ron Paul was asked about the incident at the diner and he responded by removing his microphone and walking out of the interview as his campaign chairman shouted.

Ron Paul cut off an interview with CNN reporter Dana Bash while campaigning Monday in New Hampshire, the second incident in the past month where the Texas congressman appeared to walk away from an interview with the network.

Bash was asking Paul about an episode earlier Monday where a New Hampshire woman berated him for not spending enough time talking to voters while visiting the Moe Joe's Diner in Manchester, according to The New York Times. Jesse Benton, Paul's campaign chairman, then began shouting at Bash as Paul removed his microphone.

Sure the media can, at times, be insufferable, but Paul is clearly not presidential material. Because if you cannot handle this kind of interview on something as inconsequential as leaving a crowded diner, how are you going to handle running the country?

This wouldn't be the first time, nor probably the last, that Ron Paul has gone full-crank over breakfast.

National Journal reporter Beth Reinhard got a chilly reception from Republican frontrunner Ron Paul when she ran into him eating his breakfast all alone at the Des Moines Embassy Suites. Reinhard asked the unaccompanied candidate whether his supporters would support the eventual nominee if it wasn’t him, which drew a sharp retort.

“Right now, the only thing that bothers me is people who don’t respect my privacy enough to leave me alone for five minutes when I’m eating breakfast,” Paul allegedly responded. Reinhard reports the Republican hopeful coldly went back to reading his USA Today.

Get off my lawn!