Gingrich Foreign Policy is Bush/Cheney 2.0

What would would the foreign policy of a Newt Gingrich presidency look like? Just ask his team of foreign policy advisers.

David Wurmser: Gingrich’s Middle East policy adviser was a notorious member of Vice President Cheney’s inner circle that pushed the U.S. into war in Iraq. Once he was questioned during an espionage probe while in the vice president’s office, and he was one of the names driving the initial support for the later disgraced Ahmed Chalabi.

James Woosley: A former director of the CIA, Woolsey recently spoke at a panel hosted by the founder of Judicial Watch focused on President Obama’s “political jihad promoting Islam around the world.” Woolsey is a serious Iran hawk, warning that the way the West is dealing with the nation at the moment “rhymes with what was taking place in the 1930s [with Nazi Germany]”.

Stephen Yates: Another ex-Cheney national security team member, Yates is known among other things for his work on China. One former U.S. ambassador to China familiar with Yates says he views “China as the solution to ‘enemy deprivation syndrome.’” As Counterpunch explained the theory, “You need some unifying enemy after the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

The foreign policy of a Gingrich administration would essentially be a continuation of the Dick Cheney foreign policy agenda of saber-rattling and warmongering and the Bush Doctrine which advocates preemptive invasion.

The other Republican presidential candidates have their own vague connections to the Neo-Con agenda, but Gingrich's staff literally is the Bush/Cheney team. And it's just as easy to picture Newt Gingrich saying "So?" as it is Dick Cheney, isn't it?

Both parties are the same though so it doesn't matter who you vote for, right? Give me a break.