Election 2012

Gingrich is Totally Screwed. Or Not.

Nancy Pelosi is holding an anvil over Gingrich's bulbous head:

A little while ago, Pelosi said in an interview that she was familiar with “a thousand pages” of documents related to the ethics probe of Gingrich that got him bounced from Congress. That triggered the first round of right-wing consipracy-mongering; her office quickly cleared up that all those documents are already public. They’re online right here.

Undaunted, Romney picked up this line the other day, calling on Gingrich to “release” the probe. Many news outlets pointed it out again: The probe is already public.

Yesterday, Pelosi told CNN in an offhand comment that Gingrich will never be president, because “there’s something that I know.” Drudge madly flacked this “revelation“ with a massive headline claiming: “PELOSI THREAT: NEWT WON’T BE PRESIDENT.”

Who knows how something like this could work. The Marianne revelations actually helped Gingrich in South Carolina where "hike the Appalachian Trail" is commonplace by now.

Unless there are photos of Gingrich performing abortions, I can't imagine what could possibly harm Gingrich beyond the litany of other scandals and skeletons. This is guy who survived "right wing social engineering", the Pelosi global warming video, Marianne, Tiffany's, etc, etc.