Gingrich Wants to Bring Back McCarthyism

Is Newt Gingrich trying to make up for calling Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump an "absurd amateur?"

The vice presidential hopeful has launched a full-throated defense of Donald Trump's unhinged respond to the Orlando club shooting, going even further than Trump did.

While Trump called for banning all Muslim, immigrants, and refugees, Gingrich called for resurrecting the original un-American activities committee and for revoking citizenship.

“We originally created the House Un-American Activities Committee to go after Nazis. We passed several laws in 1938 and 1939 to go after Nazis and we made it illegal to help the Nazis. We're going to presently have to go take the similar steps here,” Gingrich said in a Monday appearance on “Fox and Friends.” [...]

“We're going to say, if you pledge allegiance to ISIS, you are a traitor and you have lost your citizenship,” Gingrich said.

I suppose the Constitution is merely a suggestion.

One could argue we already have an Un-American Activities Committee in the form of the Benghazi Committee, but Gingrich clearly has something even more insidious in mind. Gingrich wants to create a committee that will not go after people who are actually un-American, like Donald Trump. He wants a committee that will investigate Muslim Americans.

Despite his criticism of Trump, I believe it's still possible Trump will select Gingrich as his running mate. Gingrich fits the mold of someone who could take pressure away from Trump by being horrible in his own right.