Give or Take

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Clay Bennett)

In other news, Trump now says he won't predict that he'll ever sign a trade deal with China even though he said a deal would be done in four weeks just yesterday.

Meanwhile, the FBI has arrested a man in New York who was allegedly discussing a plan to recreate the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting that killed 49 Muslims inside their mosque. The plan he discussed involving shooting Muslims in Baltimore, Maryland.

Finally, Trump's former henchman Michael Cohen has handed over new documents that say Trump told him to lie about Trump Tower Moscow, among many other things.

In a 12-page memo sent to top House Democrats, Cohen’s attorneys said Trump “encouraged Cohen to lie and say all Moscow Tower project contacts ended as of January 31, 2016 using ‘code’ language — telling Cohen during various conversations that there was ‘no collusion, no Russian contacts, nothing about Russia’ after the start of the campaign.’” [...]

The more than 100 pages of documents included with Cohen’s memo claim to lay bare a “conspiracy to collude” with the Russian government during the campaign, along with an array of other crimes by the president. The memo also for the "first time discloses Michael Cohen’s testimony to the Mueller team and to other non-public testimony to congressional committees," according to Cohen's legal team.

There's not a whole lot of tangible news happening right now so I'm cutting the day a little short to avoid burnout.

Have a good weekend.