Glenn Beck Finally Went Too Far

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

From his conspiracy-covered chalkboard to his failed plan to build Galt's Glutch, former Fox News host Glenn Beck has said many crazy things over the years but he finally went too far for SiriusXM radio.

Beck has been suspended from radio for a week because he implied that someone might need to kill Donald Trump if he becomes president.

Last week, fiction writer Brad Thor appeared on Beck's program and suggested GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was a danger to America and that citizens would have to take means that may not be legal in order to get Trump out of office. Beck did not immediately admonish or distance himself from the comments, leading to the suspension by SiriusXM.

Rather than "admonish or distance himself," Beck apparently conceded that he has privately discussed the issue off the air.

It's amusing to me to see some on the Right fantasizing about an assassination of Donald Trump because they also fantasized about an assassination of President Obama, and yet the punishment for the former will probably be far more severe than the latter.

They said President Obama would shred the Constitution and impose martial law even though he never even vaguely implied as much, but now that Donald Trump openly calls for violating constitutional rights, men like Glenn Beck are very concerned.

There's an element of Boy Who Cried Wolf here, with Trump being the actual wolf.

Spending the last 8 years making the case that President Obama is secretly a tyrannical dictator has severely weakened conservative arguments against the man who openly says he would govern through authoritarianism.