Glenn Greenwald Opposes Ban on Drones

My Monday column begins like so:

I’ll begin today’s column with a serious disclaimer: this is not an April Fools’ Day prank. By now, you’ve probably already stumbled onto three or four prank tweets and Facebook posts, not to mention more than a few headlines, so I’ll spare you the silliness. With that out of the way, it’s with great relief and an equal degree of satisfaction that I can now report that neo-libertarian Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald and I agree on drones.

I’m not entirely sure that he’d concur on this point because it’s simply not within his nature to concede to opponents who he considers to be “Obama lovers,” but he does, in fact, share my opinion on drones. And I hasten to add that it’s not necessarily due to my personal efforts at reaching some sort of détente. Colleague and fellow The Daily Banter writer Oliver Willis deserves the vast majority of the credit on this one.

Let’s review how all of this began last week.

On Thursday, Greenwald tweeted the following rather alarmist item, which began a chain reaction that eventually led to a major admission. [continue reading here]