Global warming is real

The earth is getting hotter, and the United States official policy is "no, it isn't."

Uh, yes, it is. And you can throw up every excuse for driving poison-emitting SUVs, but the ozone isn't listening. It's deteriorating. But it's not the heat that's gonna hurt us first: it's the water. Because as it gets hotter, giant blocks of ice (scientists call them glaciers, Mr. Bush) melt. And the ocean level gets higher. And it rains a lot more.

Courtesy of truthout.org, check out this story on melting glaciers. Here's a pretty alarming quote:

Around the world, high-altitude regions are warming and melting. Kilimanjaro's glaciers have all but disappeared. Glacier National Park's are melting so fast that federal computer models predict they'll be gone by 2030.

2030. We're not talking about leaving a world for our grandchildren, folks. We're talking about leaving a world for us.