Global warming will destroy the Arctic

Saturday, CNN gave the following story about 2 minutes on their "lighter side" news show called "Next". Why this stuff isn't leading the headlines is beyond me. The Guardian is reporting that an impending 2 degree temperature increase will destroy much of the Arctic -- including the rare indigenous species who live there.

Many Arctic animals, including polar bears and some seal species, could be extinct within 20 years because of global warming, a conservation group said yesterday.

Traditional ways of life for many indigenous people in the Arctic would also become unsustainable unless the world "takes drastic action to reduce climate change", said the conservation organisation WWF.

We're guilty here of not talking about this as much as we should, but global warming and environment needs to become the most important issue of our time. The news from the last two weeks alone (here, here, and here) is enough to force massive policy change around the globe -- and especially in Washington.

So what needs to happen in order to get people to take this seriously? Maybe we could store frozen embryos in the Arctic snow. That might get Republicans moving. How about changing the name to "Earth Torture" or "Earth Abortion"? Better yet, America will thirst for news when we begin to call it "Scott Peterson's Global Warming".