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God Spoke to Glenn Beck, Sung The Praises of Louie Gohmert

GohmertClownThe one true God has been whispering in the ears of Glenn Beck, but God did not tell him the secret to world peace or everlasting salvation. No, God whispered in the ears of Glenn Beck to tell him that Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) should run for U.S. Senate.

But God didn’t stop there. God also told Beck that the funding Gohmert will need to run for Senate will be provided through a miracle.

Why did God direct Glenn Beck to deliver the gospel of Louie Gohmert and proclaim that he’s “the guy?” Because it’s “high time we send a message to the Republicans that claim to be on the side of the constitution and the republic, and shut them down.”

I’m okay with them shutting down the Republican party, but it won’t stop there. They want to shut America down.

The radicalization of the Republican party will spell bad news for all of us as long as gerrymandered districts preserve their numbers.

As we can see today, the inmates are running the asylum and there’s no guarantee they won’t push the country into default in the coming weeks.

Is that part of God’s plan?