Torture White House

Gonzales attended WH torture meetings

The Washington Post is reporting that special legal round tables were held at the White House regarding torture techniques to be used against detainees.

And Alberto Gonzales was there.

In one of the meetings a technique called "waterboarding" was discussed in which torturers simulate the drowning of someone being interrogated.

[The government] asked for a legal review -- the first ever by the government -- of how much pain and suffering a U.S. intelligence officer could inflict on a prisoner without violating [The 1994 War Crimes Act] that imposes severe penalties, including life imprisonment and execution, on convicted torturers. The Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel took up the task, and at least twice during the drafting, top administration officials were briefed on the results.

Who were the top administration officials? Possibly Dick Cheney, whose lawyer, David Addington co-wrote -- or perhaps ghost-wrote -- some of the Gonzales torture memos?

Gonzales is up for the top spot in the Justice Department, isn't he? Write to the members of the Judiciary Committee (including Biden, Kennedy, Feingold, Durbin) NOW and ask them to hand down justice by denying confirmation for this torturer.