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GOP Candidate Fantasizes About Shooting Immigrants

Republican congressional candidate Jarrin Jackson of Oklahoma participated in an interview with Hate Radio host Steve Deace in which he spoke about his time serving in Afghanistan and his plans for America.

Jackson apparently believes the real obstacle to securing our southern border with Mexico is that you can't just shoot immigrants like he did in Afghanistan.

During the interview, Jackson discussed his two tours of service in Afghanistan. “The first go-around, I was a platoon leader just a few miles away from the Pakistan border,” he said, “and really, what we were doing was shore up a porous border kind of like, imagine our southern border, except for we were allowed to shoot ‘em.”


Unless I'm mistaken, Jackson likely had some rules of engagement to follow in Afghanistan. Is he saying he never followed those rules?

In any event, what the hell? It's not as if there are heavily armed militiamen or terrorists pouring over the border from Mexico. Does Jackson believe we should shoot people who are simply looking for a job? Is he saying Border Control agents should be allowed to serve as judge, jury, and executioner?

Long after Donald Trump slinks away back to Trump Tower, men like Jackson will remain. The nomination of Trump may compel a whole new wave of xenophobes to run for office in the coming years. If Trump can run for office and have the rest of the GOP fall in line behind him, why can't they?