North Carolina Stupid Party Super Stupid

GOP Candidate Wouldn’t Hesitate to Fire Lasers at Mexico

This is real life.

Mark Walker, the Republican nominee for North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District, is an unhinged ignoramus who is willing to fire our lasers(??) at Mexico to handle the drug cartel threat.

“I will tell you if you have foreigners who are sneaking in with drug cartels to me that is a national threat,” Mark Walker said during a speech to Tea Partiers in Rockingham County. The footage was reported by via a post at the Daily Kos. “And if we got to go laser or blitz somebody with a couple of fighter jets for a little while to make our point, I don’t have a problem with that either. So yeah, whatever we need to do.

Picard and Riker Facepalm

Walker says he would have “no qualm” about doing whatever we need to do with lasers because we “did it before” and it may need to be done again.

I wasn’t aware that we had fighter jets and lasers during the Mexican American war.