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GOP Honesty: Obama is Always Wrong Even When He’s Right


Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA) tells The New York Times that even though “a lot of people” don’t actually care what happens in Iraq, the Republican party will find a way to attack President Obama over the strategy for combating ISIS that he’ll announce tomorrow.

It’s an election year after all.

A lot of people would like to stay on the sideline and say, ‘Just bomb the place and tell us about it later,’ ” said Representative Jack Kingston, Republican of Georgia, who supports having an authorization vote. “It’s an election year. A lot of Democrats don’t know how it would play in their party, and Republicans don’t want to change anything. We like the path we’re on now. We can denounce it if it goes bad, and praise it if it goes well and ask what took him so long.”

Your plan is bad and you should feel bad.

Your plan is good but it took you too long to come up with it.

Considering what happened the last time we charged into Iraq without a strategy (led by the Republican party), I welcome the notion that the current administration is taking all the time they need to ensure that we don’t commit to another blunder.