GOP Rep: Democrats are The Real Racists

Now that Congress is officially on recess, The Unhinged are free to say all of those things they were afraid to say while the CSPAN cameras were rolling.

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) told Hate Radio host Laura Ingraham today that the truth is Democrats are The Real Racists™. The hateful conservatives who have vociferously expressed their desires to deport immigrant children are innocents who find themselves under attack by Barack Obama.

“This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else,” Brooks told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. “It’s part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things. Well that’s not true.”

This isn’t too far removed from ALIPAC president William Gheen’s theory that President Obama has brought immigrant children into the country just to punish “evil Whitey.”

As long as they believe this, and as long as they adamantly oppose any measure of self-examination, the Republican party will continue to be the racist party.

Handing immigration legislation over to Steve King and Michele Bachmann certainly isn’t going to help you convince anyone otherwise.

“Leadership knew they couldn’t pass their bill,” Bachmann said, and as a result were forced to agree to revisions offered by tea party members, led by Steve King (R-Iowa).

“We sat down in that room last night, HC 8, in the Capitol, and it went as smooth as silk. Steve laid it out and in less than two hours we worked it out,” Bachmann said. “It was really a painless process. But it was the first time that I’ve seen leadership recognize, with respect and admiration, the work that Steve King did. Steve helped to completely gut this bill.”

As you probably recall, Secret Border Control Agent Steve King infamously said that DREAMers are mostly drug runners who have “calves the size of cantaloupes.” Among other things.