Immigration Racism

GOP Rep Drops the Dogwhistle, Blows Bull Horn Instead

Written by SK Ashby

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) insists we could stop all immigration to the United States tomorrow if the black Muslim in the White House wanted to.

According to Brooks, our secret Muslim president has not paused all immigration because he wants to get rid of white people "change the way America looks."

A lot of it has to do with skin pigmentation,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) continued during an appearance on the Matt Murphy Show. “A lot of it has to do with religious values,” the Alabama congressman, who has previously peddled conspiracy theories about President Obama’s childhood in Indonesia, said.

Brooks finished the diatribe by accusing Obama of being “hell-bent on doing this kind of damage to his country because he doesn’t think the Judeo-Christian people who made America the greatest nation in world history are deserving of the role that they have played in making America great.

When Brooks refers to the "Judeo-Christian people" who made America great, I doubt he's referring to multiple generations of slaves who literally built America and turned it into an economic powerhouse so men like Mo Brooks could claim sole credit for it.

Men like Mo Brooks, and indeed many Americans, live on a mountain of wealth (these are the same people who want to completely repeal the Estate Tax) generated by hundreds of years of free labor . And the gravy train didn't stop after the civil war. Many of the "liberal" policies Republicans deride today, from government housing to welfare, were originally written to benefit white people at the exclusion of blacks.

I'm open to the idea of giving the Master Race the credit they deserve, but not for the achievements Mo Brooks imagines they're responsible for.

Regarding immigration -- net migration to the United States from Mexico, accounting for those who entered and exited, was effectively zero in 2014.

Republicans like Mo Brooks have this idea in their head that President Obama has intentionally opened the flood gates to hordes of immigrants who are taking our healthcare, educations, guns, jobs and freedumb, but the truth is immigration to the United States is way down. They have that idea in their heads because they're racists.