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GOP Rep: Gerrymandering Will Help Us Win

Written by SK Ashby

With the incredibly high and still-rising number of Republicans retiring this year, and with Trump's approval rating still in the toilet, how do Republicans hope to hold control of the House of Representatives?

Representative Steve Stivers (R-OH) said the quiet part out loud during an interview yesterday.

I think it starts with the congressional lines. After the redistricting in 2011, a lot of districts were shored up substantially. And that makes a difference. It doesn’t change the number of your majority, but it changes the composition of each district and gets people a little bit more comfortable,” Stivers said.

He added that the GOP would also do well in November because Republicans would have the necessary resources.

When you're asked how you intend to win, I think you're suppose to say you're going to win on the strength of your convictions and policy positions. Or whatever.

You're not suppose to flat out admit that your only hope of winning is partisan and racial gerrymandering even if that's the truth.