Super Stupid War On Women

GOP Rep. Goes Full Todd Akin to Support an Ultrasound Bill

The female body has a way of 'shutting that whole thing down' according to Idaho state Representative Pete Nielsen (R).

State lawmakers in Idaho are considering an ultrasound bill with no exceptions for rape or incest but that isn't a concern, Nielsen says, because "trauma" prevents pregnancy.

During the hearing Rep. Pete Nielsen, R-Mountain Home, said, “Now, I’m of the understanding that in many cases of rape it does not involve any pregnancy because of the trauma of the incident. That may be true with incest a little bit.” [...]

Nielsen stood by his remarks after the hearing, saying pregnancy “doesn’t happen as often as it does with consensual sex, because of the trauma involved.”


"A little bit."

That's not how science works. It's either true or it isn't. In this case, it isn't.

The ultrasound bill was passed by the Idaho House State Affairs Committee and will be considered by the full state House. State lawmakers are also considering a bill that would ban the donation of fetal tissue for research and even for organ donations. Because they're so "pro-life."