GOP State Senator: We Must Restore Sanity by Using Nuclear Weapons

Written by SK Ashby

It's time to eliminate the barbarians, says state senator and certifiable lunatic Jason Rapert (R-AR), and the best way to do this is with nuclear weapons.


It is "time for the insanity to be stopped" he said while advocating the use of nuclear weapons.

And why haven't we employed this perfectly reasonable and sane strategy? Rapert has all the answers.

"I imagine a nicely placed intercontinental nuclear weapon would shut them up for awhile," he wrote. "I cannot understand why our president won't stand up - wait, I forgot that he doesn't acknowledge the Islamic terrorists."

We haven't used nuclear weapons because the president doesn't acknowledge that terrorists exist.

That must be it.

That would be the same president who has already directed American forces to participate in strikes against over 4,800 targets (as of February 4th) held by the Islamic State alongside a broad coalition of partners. These are actions that the president -- who doesn't acknowledge terrorism(?) -- has taken to the dismay of critics who attacked the administration for doing so without requesting a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) from Congress.

Like any good Twitter, Facebook, forum or comment troll state Senator Rapert has directed his critics to "do some research" on the subject which, in his case, I imagine includes reading the forums of defense blogs or, if you're being generous, Wikipedia.

If his critics would simply do their research, he says, they would discover that we have nuclear weapons that are "perfect" for eliminating ISIS.