Congress War On Women

GOP: We “Don’t Know” if Planned Parenthood Broke Law, Will Defund Anyway

Written by SK Ashby

The Senate is tentatively schedule to vote on Rand Paul's bill to defund Planned Parenthood on Monday of next week, however that may be just the beginning of the GOP's next big push against a critical institution

In the months following Rand Paul's impending defeat victory, Senate Republicans may attempt to hold government funding hostage with a ransom demand of defunding Planned Parenthood.

They'll do this, according to Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, even if Planned Parenthood hasn't actually done anything wrong.

"I'm confident we'll use every resource available to us, every tool," [Cornyn] said when asked directly if defunding could be included in a government-spending bill. [...]

"I think this is going to unfold, I think, as people learn more about it and as the public becomes more and more horrified at what they're learning," he said. "What we don't yet know is whether they violated law with regard to consent or with regard to profiteering, and so those are sorts of things that will come up. It may be that there are more additional follow-on pieces of legislation that are offered until we get to be able to stop this terrible practice."

Suffice to say Congressional Republicans could discover during hearings that fetal tissue research may lead to cures for fatal diseases, and they could discover that Planned Parenthood has not broken any laws and has operated within ethical and Hippocratic boundaries, but it won't matter.

They've already decided what they want to do before even holding a hearing.

If Senate Republicans are prepared to go to these lengths, you can bet House Republicans will go even further.