Election 2012

GOP Dissatisfaction Increasing

Coming as no surprise, self-identified Republican voters are largely dissatisfied with their current field of candidates. Even less shocking, is the fact that dissatisfaction is actually increasing as voters become more familiar with each candidate.

Some 45 percent now say they’re dissatisfied with the GOP candidates who have declared or are thought to be serious about running, up from 33 percent two months ago, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll. Just 41 percent are satisfied with the likely Republican field, down from 52 percent. [...]

While the Republican roster of candidates is growing almost by the day — Ron Paul declared on Friday, and Mike Huckabee says he’ll make an important announcement this weekend — satisfaction with the field appears to be shrinking.

We're still many months away from the first Republican primary vote. There's plenty of time left for dissatisfaction to reach 60% of higher. The sky is the limit.

Meanwhile, 81% of Democrats approve of the job President Obama is doing, and that was before the operation against Bin Laden took place.