Republican Party

GOP losing control; making insane threats

So the RNC is threatening TV stations that air the anti-privatization ads produced by MoveOn -- with revoking their FCC license! They really are shameless, these "freedom" and "liberty" advocates. USA Today:

The RNC's letter noted that the stations have a responsibility as holders of Federal Communications Commission licenses "to avoid broadcasting deliberate misrepresentations. ... This letter places you on notice that the information (in the ad) is false and misleading."

I would be more enraged by this latest action against free speech if it wasn't so desperate on their part. It's clear that the Republicans are losing control of the Social Security debate and their president has hastened his lame duck status.

What worries me is this: the PNAC neocons looking for another "Pearl Harbor" (their words, prior to 9/11) to rally support for their destructive policies. When politics fail, the neocons can always play a "war" or "attack" card and suddenly they're back in business.