Assholery Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie is an Embarrassment

By now you probably know that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie quarantined a nurse returning from West Afrcia who displayed no symptoms of Ebola and, in fact, tested negative for the virus.

Nurse Kaci Hickox was placed in a tent with no shower or toilet by order of the governor; a move the ACLU doubted the legality of just as I did.

(Photo Credit Steven Hyman)

Governor Christie reversed his ridiculous position today and Kaci Hickox was allowed to go home, but that wasn’t the end the story.

In his usual assholish manner, Christie rebuked the nurse today and refused to even talk to her.

via The New York Times political reporter Michael Barbaro

I can’t imagine why someone would take “great offense” at being imprisoned in a tent for no substantive reason.

It’s difficult to describe the level of contempt Chris Christie makes me feel and, as far as I can tell, I’m far from alone in that sentiment. He’s an embarrassing prick.