Governor Gollum Gives Up On Jobs

Governor Gollum Rick Scott of Florida has apparently decided to continue his hard-fought campaign to deliver the state of Florida to the Democratic party in the 2012 election.

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday added more nuance to his campaign promise to create jobs, questioning the validity of the state’s economic forecast and saying he just has to stop unemployment from rising.

“The bottom line is, I could argue that I don’t have to create any jobs,” Scott said on 540-AM in Maitland. “I just have to make sure we don’t lose jobs.“

If your criteria for success is to simply stop the bleeding of the job market, then I think we can safely say the presidency of Barack Obama has been a rousing success.

When President Obama took office, the economy was losing over 200,000 jobs per month, and quick passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the stimulus) stopped the hemorrhaging. Since that time, more jobs have been created under this president than during the entire 8-year tenure of George Bush. And that's with crushing tax cuts still resting on the shoulders of America.

The corporate tax cut Governor Rick Scott presided over after taking office hasn't budged Florida's above-average 10.7 percent unemployment rate, and in the face of his failure, Scott is washing his hands of the responsibility to lower unemployment.

Rick Scott's campaign for governor in 2010 was centered entirely around creating jobs and so far all he has managed to do is kill jobs. An achievement he even bragged about.