Super Stupid

Governor Paul LePage is a Moron, Part Infinity

Written by SK Ashby

Maine Governor Paul LePage has some knowledge to drop on us about the integrity of the upcoming election.

LePage participated in an interview with local radio station WVOM and revealed that he has no confidence in his own administration.

I’m not confident of a clean election in Maine,” LePage, sidestepping a comment by the show’s hosts, Ric Tyler and George Hale, who noted that he was elected twice under Maine’s current election system. “The Democrat party insists on not having IDs. Will people from the cemetery be voting? Yes.”

LePage has no confidence in his own administration's ability to conduct an election and he apparently has no confidence in his own legitimacy.

If there is no such thing as a "clean" election without voter ID, that would mean LePage's election was not clean. That would mean LePage was not legitimately elected.

During the interview, LePage went on to imply that there is large-scale voter fraud in areas of Maine where the number of people voting outnumber registered residents, but LePage did not provide any specific examples of that, probably because he pulled that claim out of his ass.