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Governor Rick Perry Knows Justice When He Sees It

Rick Perry will personally climb inside your cervix and take the entire Texas state legislature with him to dispense justice directly into your fetus’s vagina, so it makes sense that someone would want to ask him on the record about sensitive matters of social issues, justice, and social justice, especially since it’s very likely he’ll be running for president in 2016.

But Rick Perry was asked today by CNN’s Candy Crowley about his thoughts on the decision in the Zimmerman trial and if the fact that justice looks the other way for racism may have worked against the prosecution, and Governor Pastor Father Executioner Rick looked out into the world, squinted brightly, and proceeded to shock no one anymore:

“I don’t,” Perry insisted. “I think our justice system is color blind, and I think that, you know, again, you don’t find people that always agree with the jury’s decision. But that’s the reason we have the system we have in place, and I think, by and large, it may not be full proof, people may make mistakes in the jury system. On the civil side, you have that appellate process.”


“But in this case, I will suggest that two extraordinarily capable teams laid out the issues and that jury made the right decision from their stand point.”

It’s color blind, but still sees green very well, doesn’t it? And the institution of justice may not be full proof, and we all know that people, not Republicans, but people like The American People™ make mistakes all the time, but just not in this case!

Racism is barely a thing anymore.